Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Sad Day Today!

 Some Villan has cut down the holy thorn tree in Glastonbury!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Yet Another Badly Researched Article...

Hey guys, thought I'd link to yet another article by yet another journalist in "the fight against paganism" bangwagon that Mel P has kickstarted

I'm quite suprised to be honest, I've always found the Metro to be quite a equally balanced paper, whenever ones been sitting next to me on a bus or a train. So to hear this drivel i was suprised. The only reason I'm giving it airtime is because i think people should know that pagans arn't getting anything extra out of the system than anyone else.  We're not here to steal your jobs, your wo/men or your food.  We ARE your employees, we are your bosses, we are your admirer or your crush over in the far corner of the pub, we are the cooky old lady walking down the street with multi coloured hair... but we are also the guys and gals in suits and ties fighting your battles.  We are everywhere and we have been for living memory. Don't get scared now,  you weren't scared before!

We are normal people looking to be accepted just as muslims, christians and hindus are (and all the rest)  this is what confuses me,  we are willing to tolerate religions from all over the globe and even base our whole society on a religion that was created over in what is now the middle east, instead of what is home grown.

ah well,  nout as weird as folk i supose!